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What We Do:

Our sole focus is MOBILE.

We eat, live and breathe Mobile. We know Technology, Marketing and Creative Development in the mobile space.

Imagine One Mobile provides business strategy and mobile marketing and develops, designs and deploys solutions that set new standards for the mobile user experience. Our clients include both consumer-facing and B2B brands looking to maximize mobile opportunities as well as bridge multiple ROI models.

We work on idea creation in a collaborative environment. We are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, advertising and interactive agencies that are exploring mobile and tablet devices to assist them with customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. In addition, there are strategic uses for social and community building. We believe the mobile usage paradigm is all about context.

Strategy through execution: Our development teams have experience with over 150 apps in the iTunes App Store, 11 of which have reached the Top Hundred lists of their respective categories.

We are platform-agnostic and work with iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), BlackBerry, Android and WebOS.

We utilize a blend of on-shore and off-shore development with project management, leads, creative and marketing based in the Los Angeles office.

Expert mobile executive Bill Sanders and Scott Friedland bring over 25 years of experience creating original content and producing award-winning, successful TV shows, commercials, and marketing over 1100 entertainment properties as well as over 50 Fortune 500 Brands.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the best brands such as Paramount, Sony, CBS, NBC, Citibank, Warner Bros., VW, Toyota and iVillage, in both white-label and self-branded approaches as appropriate. We know how to truly integrate the back end and the front end.

Driving revenue, engagement and loyalty through mobile apps are key differentiators.

We look to market beyond what's obvious. That is what makes Imagine One Mobile a preferred partner.

Scott Friedland

Scott FriedlandI enjoy marketing products and services and created several ad agencies and production companies to do what I love. Working with incredible talent enabled me to be progressive, lead with innovation and grow revenue through smart marketing for some of the best brand names in the world like Citi-Bank, NBC, P&G, Comcast, Toyota and Disney.

Bringing together the best team of individuals is the key to our mutual success. People and the unique stories of their life have always fascinated me. Through storytelling I am able to create those moments through mobile, web, film and video, design, and print.

Zissou and Spike, my chocolate labs, can be seen at the office most days when they are not swimming at the beach.

I like free conversation and laugh every day.

Bill Sanders

Bill SandersStrategy and tactical execution.

  • Strong analytical, writing and editing skills.
  • Good with story.
  • Eye for talent.
  • Nose for the next big thing.

Development, production and creative oversight (including promotion, marketing, research and interactive components) of content for television and online media.

Ability to work constructively and communicate in the languages of both the technologically adept and of the Hollywood creative community.

While consulting with media companies on content and market strategies for mobile and online distribution, I created an international product for CBS Mobile including Entertainment Tonight, CNET, CBS News and the Paramount-CBS TV libraries.

As VP, Mobile Programming and Digital Product Development for Sony Pictures Digital and SP TV Int'l, I developed its global Animax Mobile channel, carried on 22 operators in 15 countries in 8 languages.

Also at Sony, in 2005 I packaged the first mobile on-demand full-length movie channel with pause-&-resume for Hutchison 3 Italy, oversaw James Bond and Columbia's Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Video clip products, and improved digital end-user experience through on-device portals, multi-platform unified delivery, on- and off-deck billing, video pause and on-demand streaming functionality, on-device purchasing, advertising insertion and sponsorship, two-way interactivity, social networking and user-generated content.

As Exec VP of Big Ticket Television at Paramount/Viacom, I led the studio's entry into enhanced TV with the interactive Moesha and Judge Judy on Microsoft's WebTV. In 1995, I launched one of first TV show-based web sites, including online merchandising, for the late night comedy Nightstand.

As VP Original Programming, I pushed HBO to market TV series as event programming. With the development of the hit comedy series, Dream On, its first Emmy-winning show, which ran 7 seasons, they were on their way. I then created Dream On online forums and CD-ROM new media… before the web even existed.

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